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Balancing Act: Music, Motherhood, and Making Memories on the Road

Hey there, beautiful souls,

I want to share a piece of my heart with you—a glimpse into the wild, wonderful journey of touring the world with my two-year-old daughter, Naava, and my soulmate, Ori, by my side. This isn't just about music; it's about the power of love, the strength of family, and the magic of motherhood that weaves through every note we play. Life on the road isn't always sunshine and rainbows. There are moments of exhaustion, doubt, and uncertainty that creep in when you least expect it. Yet, in those moments of darkness, I find strength in the love that surrounds me—in the laughter of my daughter, the unwavering support of my husband, and the camaraderie of my sisters who without them I could never do what I do and stay focused on the music and the fans.

Together, we've traveled the world—Norway, Spain, Romania or Sydney just to name a few —each place leaving its own imprint on our hearts. From the majestic fjords of Scandinavia to the sun-drenched streets of Barcelona, we've experienced the beauty of diversity and the universality of music that transcends language and borders. With my three amazing sisters on board, this journey becomes a breeze. One of them is like Naava's guardian angel, looking out for her while Ori and I do our thing onstage. The other two? They're right there with me, jamming out and bringing their own vibe to Southern Avenue. Honestly, without them, none of this would work. They're my backbone, my inspiration, and my ride-or-die crew, making every moment on the road worth it.

But amidst the hustle and bustle of tour life, it's the quiet moments that resonate the most deeply with me. It's the early morning cuddles with Naava, the shared meals around a makeshift dinner table, and the late-night conversations with Ori that ground me and remind me of what truly matters in life. There are moments when everything aligns perfectly, and you feel like you're riding the wave of destiny. It's the rush of adrenaline as we take the stage, the electric energy of the crowd, and the sheer joy of making music with the people I love most in the world.

But perhaps the greatest lesson I've learned on this journey is the power of presence—the ability to fully immerse myself in the here and now, embracing each moment as it comes with an open heart and a grateful spirit. It's a lesson that Naava teaches me every single day—a reminder to live life fully, love deeply, and cherish every precious moment we're given.

Now, let's talk about our latest baby—the new album we've just wrapped up recording. I can't even put into words how pumped I am to hit the stage and share these new songs with the world. Each track is like a piece of our souls poured into music, telling stories of love, resilience, and the beauty of the human experience. I can't wait to see the crowd's reaction, to feel the energy pulsating through the air as we belt out these tunes and share the journey behind them. It's gonna be epic, y'all.

As we gear up for the next leg of our journey, I just wanna take a moment to thank each and every one of you for being a part of this wild ride. Whether you've been with us from the beginning or you're just joining the Southern Avenue family, your support means the world to us. Here's to many more adventures, many more songs, and many more moments that remind us why we do what we do—to spread love, light, and good vibes wherever we go. Peace and blessings, y'all.

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We love your music. The first time we heard the band was on the Legendary Rhythm and Blues Cruise January guys were high energy and got the cruise off to an awesome start. We saw you everytime you performed on that cruise...and were so excited to see you again at the Funky Biscu, November 2023 in Boca, FL. We love the performances by everyone in the band! Your little girl is so beautiful, just like her Mama and sisters! Hope that you are performing in South Florida again soon. I am a fan for life! Shawna

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